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Motorola Unlock Bootloader

The increasing use of smartphones is encouraging the mobile service providers to tie up with the mobile manufacturers like Motorola and sell the phone pre-packaged with plans by the service provider. The offers they make are very tempting but after meeting the contract terms, uses would like to free themselves and can select their favorite provider or opting for a plan which would suit their usage patterns. For this reason, a lot of people now prefer to get their phone unlocked. Unlocking a Motorola phone is basically a 4-step process:

  • Reviewing the instructions and be aware of the warning
  • Using the device key and unlock key.
  • The third step is the key step where the phone is finally unlocked.
  • The fourth step is to make sure that the unlocking was successful.

What is Motorola Bootloader?

For those who are looking forward to unlocking bootloader Motorola, knowing what is the meaning of bootloader is very important as it is a critical part of the mobile device. It is not a hardware, but it is a piece of software code which tells the operating system inside the mobile device how to load and start. Without a bootloader, the mobile phone cannot start and you can not unlock Motorola phone . If the device’s operating system is unable to locate the bootloader code, it will not be able to start.

Motorola phones use an Android operating system and Motorola makes sure that all their phones have tested version of Android which ensures the smooth working of the phone. If you plan to customize your phone or make any changes related to the motorola bootloader, then knowing following warnings is a must:

To Unlock Motorola Phone or customizing the phone to run your own software can cause the phone to stop working altogether. There are also chances that the some of the inbuilt features of the phone will not work at all if you UnlockMotorola Bootloader

Once the person unlocks the phone or customizes the Motorola unlock Bootloader, the company or seller will not take any responsibility if anything goes wrong. The warranty will be void if there is a warranty period left. Even the network provider would not take the responsibility. Therefore, it is important to know what software you are downloading or what changes you are making in your phone. This is needed to unlock Motorola phone any model like to unlock motorola droid, orunlock moto e4

Even if the phone is unlocked, the user is still expected to follow the laws made by the Government.The Unlock service provider and Motorola might be having a contract or agreement which must be read and signed/agreed to before you can unlock your phone.

If you are still interested to take the steps to unlock Motorola Bootloader , below is the step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Any Motorola Phone.

Motorola Bootloader Unlock Code Generator-Unlockninja

Before starting the process of Bootloaderunlocking, it is important to check the battery levels of the phone. Try to keep the battery to the maximum levels to avoid it getting switched off in between the process. After that,

Here is the Stepsto Unlock Bootloader of Any Motorola Phone.

  • Download the USB drivers for the Motorola phone on your desktop/laptop. Install the driver once it is downloaded. Note that the drivers could already be installed, and you must check before installing it again to avoid any version clashes
  • Next step is to enable the USB debugging. You also need to enable the developers option. This can be done by going in the menu of settings. Navigate to “about phone”. After that, multiple tapping will be required (6-8 times). If it doesn’t enable the developer option still, then tap few more times.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Developers option -> Click on enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking.
  • After doing these settings, you need to switch off the Motorola phone.
  • You need to start your phone in ADB mode. For this, you need to press and hold the two keys together- power key and volume down key. Press this combination for few seconds. After that, release the power key but do not lose hold of volume down key. Keep the hold until you see the phone booting in ADB mode
  • Now is the time to connect the phone with the laptop/desktop where the drivers are installed.
  • You need to download and install fastboot tools and minimal ADB tools on the computer/laptop.
  • Launch the minimal ADB and fastboot tools on your computer when the installation is finished. Once it is launched, the command line interface will appear – it is the window with a black background.
  • In that window, type a command: fastboot devices. Press return key.
  • The system will return a list of all the devices which are connected to that machine. Note that it will list only the Android devices.
  • Type command: fastbootoemget_unlock_data
  • The system will return a string of characters. You need to copy this string and it can be done by right click > mark. This will make the system go into the mark mode. Select the whole string of characters with the help of mouse.
  • Once the area is highlighted, left click the mouse. It will copy the string. Paste it in notepad or any other application like that. After that, formatting of string might be required which involve deleting the empty spaces.
  • Now copy the formatted string from notepad to text editor which was used
  • You need to go to Motorola’s unlock bootloader on their website.
  • Press the next button when the warning is given by them.
  • Login to the Motorola account. Having an account is compulsory, if there is no account already created, then you need to create one.
  • There will be a text box on the screen, paste the copied string there and click on the button which reads ‘can my device be unlocked?’ In case the phone is eligible for getting unlocked, the button for “request unlock key” will appear by itself. If the phone is not eligible, the button will not appear.
  • Press the “get unlock key button”. The terms and conditions will appear. Have a read or at least review them quickly so that you know what is mentioned there. If you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, click on I agree.
  • Motorola will send the unlock key on the registered email address.
  • Once the email is received, take the code from there and paste in the command line window after typing the command: fastbootoem unlock.
  • The progress will show up on the command line interface and the device will restart.
  • A warning Motorola unlock bootloader will appear which is a confirmation that the bootloader has been unlocked successfully.

The process of unlocking the bootloader completes at this point. The user can continue with the steps of customizations after this. Once again, before implementing the steps mentioned above, the warnings messages must be read, and the implications must be thought about. The reasons for unlocking must be compared with the implications and the data backup is must to have.

Possible Implications Associated with Unlocking Motorola Bootloader:

Following are the warnings that are given by Motorola to all their customers who are looking forward to unlock Bootloader of the Motorola phone:

  • The chances of all media and content of the phone are 100%. Therefore, backup is a must.
  • The user will have to re-install all the mobile applications they had before from Google Play Store.
  • The user will not have access to any movies that they downloaded on the phone before.
  • The mobile applications which used to work before may not work after unlocking. They may be some crucial applications also.
  • The encryption of data will not be guaranteed by Motorola or individual companies who provide this functionality as part of their mobile application.
  • The phone’s critical and main features might not work, for example, the radio, audio system or telephonic capabilities might be lost.
  • The phone may end up being unusable because of damage which could be permanent.

To Unlock boot loader Motorola Phone will not bring any change in the subsidy lock status of the device.

You can also unlock your Motorola phone by network unlock code or factory unlock code which is provided by Unlockninja on your request. you can apply for unlock code to unlock Motorola phone.

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