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The importance of a quality military boot cannot be understated when it comes to completing your uniform, regardless of the service you are providing. From combat-trained military members to crucial first responders, having a reliable, durable pair of military boots that protect while meeting uniform standards is essential.

One of the primary appeals of military boots is their ability to protect the wearer’s feet while providing a reliable grip to help navigate various kinds of terrain. From traditional combat boot styles to more modern boots that use lighter composite materials to achieve their level of protection, while meeting uniform standards, military boots include a variety of styles and designs from many popular brands.

At Galls, we carry the best selection of military boots for service members, first responders, and tactical gear enthusiasts alike. With over 100 options of military boots from Nike, Under Armour, 5.11 Tactical, Oakley, Danner, and many others, as well as styles like black military boots, desert combat boots, AR 670-1 and Berry compliant boots, Galls is your top choice for all your military gear needs.

AR 670-1 Complaint Boots

Military uniform standards extend to boots, which must be AR 670-1 compliant. Luckily, there are many styles and brands of military boots that meet AR 670-1 compliance. For a boot to be considered AR 670-1 compliant, it must meet the following criteria:

AR 670-1 Boot Compliance Requirements

  • Coyote tan color
  • 8 to 10 inches in height
  • Made of tan or coyote flesh-side out cattle hide leather
  • Plain toe
  • Soles match the color of the coyote tan upper materials
  • Rubber and polyether polyurethane outsoles
  • Sole not to exceed 2 inches in height measured from the bottom of the outsole, and will not extend up the back of the heel or boot or over the top of the toe
  • Exterior of the upper boot will not contain mesh; instead constructed of either all leather or a combination of leather and non-mesh fabric

For more information about AR 670-1 compliance, please review Army Regulation 670-1

Popular AR 670-1 Boots

Galls carries some of the most popular AR 670-1 compliant boots, like Garmont’s T8 NFS Boot, Oakley’s SI Light Assault Boot, Nike’s SFB Gen 2 LT Boot, Rocky’s S2V Tactical Military Boot, and many more. Our goal is to provide a complete uniform solution for soldiers, police officers, security guards, and tactical enthusiasts. We offer a wide variety ofAR 670-1 compliant boots and OCP Scorpion uniforms.

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Berry Compliant Boots

In relation to military boots, Berry compliance is a Department of Defense requirement that gives preference to domestically made products, including the materials and fabrics used in the production of Berry compliant boots. Essentially, the DOD wants all aspects of a military uniform to made in the United States.

At Galls, we have many Berry compliant boots that will keep soldiers performing while meeting their uniform standards. Our styles of Berry boots include the Danner’s Acadia 8” Waterproof boots, Rocky’s S2V boots, Belleville’s All Leather Steel Toe Vanguard boots, and several other styles to choose from.

OCP Boots

The Operational Camouflage Pattern, also known as Scorpion W2 is the standard camouflage pattern worn by the US Army, US Air Force, as well as the US Space Force. The OCP design consists of greens, browns, and lighter colors to provide better overall camouflage for military members. While the pattern is present on uniforms, OCP-compliant combat boots need to be tan (coyote brown) color to match and blend with the rest of the uniform.

For a top selection of OCP compliant boots, shop Galls. We carry a variety of boots that fit the OCP standard from top brands like Nike’s SFB Gen 2 OCP Coyote boots, Garmont’s T8 NFS OCP Coyote boots, Rocky’s S2V Military OCP Approved boots and several more to choose from.

Aside from being OCP compliant, these boots are also made with performance in mind. Combat-style military boots are designed for durability, comfort and protection from the environment. This is important because soldiers are required to move efficiently while in the field. The foot protection offered by military boots is also essential because of the demands military duty has on a soldier’s feet.

Military Style Boots

For footwear that has the look and feel of boots worn by soldiers, military-style/US Army boots are a popular choice. While some may not pass military uniform regulations, many military-style boots are designed in the same style as uniform-compliant boots. They are made to be durable and offer high-end protection for the wearer’s feet. Military-style boots feature sturdy outer soles and are made with durable materials, often using both leather and nylon mesh to provide lightweight protection.

For a great selection of military-style boots, shop Galls. We offer a top selection of military-style boots from popular brands like Merrell’s Moab 2 Mid Tactical Boot, Salomon’s XA Forces Mid GTX Quarter boot,and many other styles and brands to choose from.

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Combat Boots

Once considered the standard military footwear for soldiers and other service members, compliant combat boots are still worn by servicemen and women. What differentiates the combat boot from other military boots is they are made to withstand rough terrain, due to using harder leather during the production process. They also feature a soft insole and a hard outsole. The insoles provide shock absorption, while the harder outer soles withstand terrain, offer traction, and increased protection for the wearer.

Our selection of service boots at Galls is top-notch. We feature quality combat, military, and tactical boots from trusted brands like the Reebok Patriot 1571C All-Terrain Combat Boot, the Danner Scorch Military 8" Coyote Hot Boot, and much more.

Military Jump Boots

Much like their combat boot counterparts, jump paratrooper boots are also built with extreme sturdiness and support in mind. Protecting the feet of soldiers who are required to jump out of aircraft demands a shoe that can help cushion impact while protecting the jumper’s feet from the environment when they land. Durable, harder leather is used to provide the high level of protection that jump boots provide. They also use cushioning insoles to help mitigate shock from impact.

At Galls, our selection of military jump boots includes well-known brands like Thorogood’s 8” Side Zip Jump Boot, and the Rocky 10” Side Zip Jump Boot. These feature the tougher midsoles and harder leather, all in an effort to protect from impact and from the environment they are jumping into.

Assault Boots

Perhaps more commonly known as tactical boots, assault boots offer both performance and protection while in the field or enjoying tactical hobbies outdoors. Assault boots are traditionally made from lighter synthetic materials and an athletic shoe-style midsole. This allows for reliable shock absorption and grip across several surfaces. Many assault boots, thanks in large part to not using mesh materials during construction, are both Berry and AR 670-1 compliant.

At Galls, we have the best selection of assault-style military boots, including styles like the Oakley SI Light Assault Boot 2, the Belleville 533 Sabre Assault Boot, Oakley’s Elite Assault Boots and much more.

Types of Military Branch Boots

Galls not only has boots for all service professions, but we also have an extensive selection of military boots that are approved across the various branches of service, including Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Because the United States Space Force is still adjusting their appearance regulations, the final dress uniform is still being designed. However, the USSF Operational Camouflage Uniform Wear Guidance panel issued a memorandum in relation to OCP uniforms for US Space Force members.

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At Galls, our comprehensive selection ensures we can help all branches of service members stay within their appearance regulations with durable goods from quality brands you know and trust.

Army Boots

AR 670-1 establishes the standards for the look, feel, and construction of official US Army boots. To be compliant, the boots need to be 8-10 inches in height, a rubber/polyurethane sole that is the same color as the rest of the coyote tan boot, and the boot must be made of leather. While the regulation goes into detail about allowed deviations based on commander authorization, it also establishes the Army’s issue boot’s mandatory standards must be maintained.

At Galls, we have complete selection of boots that meet the U.S. Army’s regulations compliant boots from trusted brands that are designed to help protect soldiers while they are performing their duties. Our inventory includes Garmont’s OCP Coyote T8 NFS Boot, the Oakley SI Light Assault Boot 2, Nike’s SFB Field 2 8" Tactical Boot, and many more styles to choose from.

Navy Boots

There are four styles of military boots approved for service members of the United States Navy:

  • Black Safety Boots
  • Coyote Brown Safety Boots
  • Flight Boots & Flight Deck Boots
  • Coyote Brown Rough-Side-Out Boots

These styles are worn based on the duty demands. For instance, if duties are being performed on a flight deck, the seaman will wear Naval boots that approved for flight deck use. With the Navy recently changing their camouflage pattern away from the “blueberry” style to a digitized OCP-based pattern, coyote tan AR 670-1 boots are available for U.S. Navy members.

Check out our top selection of Navy boots at Galls. We carry approved naval footwear like the , Nike’s Coyote Brown SFB Jungle 8" Leather Boot, the Rocky S2V Boot and much more.

Air Force Boots

With the U.S. Air Force using the OCP guidelines in relation to their combat uniform, USAF boots must also comply with OCP standards, which state tan or coyote brown are authorized for Air Force boots. At Galls, we have a large inventory of Air Force boots that meet OCP standards, while providing comfort and durable support during duty hours.

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Our top selection of Air Force Boots (OCP regulations) include multiple top brands Nike’s SFB Gen 2 OCP Coyote boots, Garmont’s T8 NFS OCP Coyote boots, Rocky’s S2V Military OCP Approved boots and several more to choose from.

Marines Boots

The United States Marines are a little more confined when it comes to the kind of boots allowed under their MARADMIN regulations. A common theme among their approved boots is the USMC insignia stamped into the leather. While there is room for commander-approved deviation, the choices are much more controlled than the other military branches. The current MARADMIN regulations approve the following boots:

Authorized Marine Corps Combat Boots (MCCB)

  • Danner Style No. 26025 (TW)
  • Danner Style No. 26027 (HW)
  • Belleville, Style No. 500 (TW)
  • Belleville, Style No. 590 (HW)
  • McRae Style No. 8286 (TW)
  • McRae Style No. 8187 (HW)
  • Bates Style No. E50501 (HW)
  • Bates, Style No. E30501 (HW)

Authorized Rugged All Terrain (RAT) Boots:

  • Danner, 15670X (HW)
  • Danner, Style No. 15660X (TW)

***Marines may continue to wear special issue/organizational issue boots (i.e. safety and flight boots) per the Commander’s guidance; however, they will not satisfy the minimum boot requirement.***

At Galls, we are proud to carry United States Marine Corps approved boots, including the Belleville 550ST USMC Steel Toe Combat Boot, the Danner Marine Expeditionary Boot, and more, all to provide a complete uniform solution for today’s soldier.

Space Force Boots

While the United States Space Force is still in its infancy, there are uniform regulations in place for the pioneering members. Much like the USAF, Space Force service members must adhere to the regulations for OCP-approved uniforms and boots. At Galls, we carry the best selection of boots and uniform components that meet the OCP standard. Our Space Force boot selection is OCP-approved and ready to perform up to standards.

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We carry OCP boots from top brands like Nike’s Gen 2 LT Boot, Rocky’s S2V Tactical Boot, and Under Armour’s Women's Micro G Valsetz Tactical Boots and many others.


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